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Insurance Claim Management/Consulting

Managing Your Insurance Claim: When you suffer a causality loss your insurance company is going to send one of their adjusters to adjust the loss. Of course this adjuster is there to help you become "whole" per the terms of your policy but they also have the dual role of helping the insurance company manage it's cost. And this is the rub, often settlements are not adequate because the adjuster has over managed the insurance companies desire to control costs and you loose. In consideration of this it is important that you aggressively manage your claim and be fully informed on what it will cost you to be made whole after your causality loss.

Adequate and Fair Settlement: Let Lone Star General Contracting ensure you get an adequate and fair settlement from your insurance company. We are licensed insurance adjusters (not working in that capacity or the capacity of a public adjuster) and will write on your behalf an extensive insurance style estimate while working directly with your insurance company adjuster. You can use this estimate to become fully informed of the scope and cost of your loss and when you are informed you become a better negotiator.

Your Consultant: Our customers have reported insurance settlements as great as 30-80 percent higher than the initial insurance settlement offer as a result of being informed and having an extensive insurance style estimate that we provide. When we are your consultant there is no need to spend money on a Public Adjuster.

Let us supply you a list of our many satisfied customers as references.

We truly are your one stop source when a Causality event strikes.

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