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Turn Key Solutions Servicing Your Mold Remediation Requirements

Mold Removal: The goal of remediation is to remove or eliminate mold contaminated materials using methods that prevents the emission of fungi and dust that is contaminated with spores. The key to the process is containment as each removal/remediation step is taken. Lone Star General Contracting offers a complete line of mold containment, removal and remediation services that includes rebuild and remodel services.

Your Turn Key Source: Why hire individual trades (drywall contractor, trim and wood work installer, flooring contractor, painter etc෨en Lone Star General Contracting has the ability to complete all aspects of the project. We are the source for a complete bundled remediation package from the actual mold removal/remediation to applying the finishing touches.

Training and Experienced: Our technicians our trained in the latest containment procedures and the use of HEPA air filtration systems and HEPA Vacuums are utilized extensively to minimize contamination. It is important that you choose a fully trained and experienced company to remove mold using the proper remediation procedures and equipment. When you choose Lone Star General Contracting you can be confident in the containment and you do not have to worry about the release of thousands of mold spores throughout your home or building.

Kind and Environmentally Friendly Processes: The use of gaseous, vapor-phase, or aerosolized biocides for remedial purposes is not recommended. The use of biocides in this manner can pose health concerns for people in occupied spaces of the building and for people returning to the treated space if used improperly. Lone Star General Contracting does not typically use any type of Biocide remediation solutions. Generally the chemicals that we use are registered with the EPA as non-toxic and are commonly used in both the hospital and construction industries.

Your Single Source, Turn Key Solution to Mold Remediation

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